FREE ENGLISH LESSONS - SIGN UP BY MAY 1! - Looking to improve your English and live in the Washington DC area? . DON'T MISS OUT! - We are only taking 5 new students for the DC / Northern Virginia area. 

  • Call or email us by MAY 1 to reserve your FREE ENGLISH LESSONS spot. Call James at 817-773-7902 or email!
  • Make new friends and practice conversational English with one-on-one lessons with a native English speaker using the Story of Redemption Film Series!
  • Watch a beautiful, 5 minute video on a portion of the biblical story filmed in Israel and around the world! - Practice pronunciation and vocabulary from the film series! - Have great conversations and make new friends!

CLICK THE VIDEO ABOVE to view a sample video with reading, vocabulary, and questions and CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY! (Click "CC" on the video playbar above to watch a sample video with subtitles in English, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and more!