The Story of Redemption Film Series can be used in many ways, including for online studies. One video platform that can be used for these studies is Zoom Meeting. 

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting Account

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the top right hand corner and click the sign up for a new account button. 
  3. Create a user name and password. 
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you entered. Click this email and click "activate this account."
  5. Here is a short video on setting up a Zoom account.

Here is a video on joining a Zoom Call and Participating for the first time.

Here is a video on setting up and scheduling your own Zoom meeting call to study SOR with someone online.

Once you have started your Zoom meeting with someone:

  1. Check and make sure that both your microphone and video are on as well as the participants. (Check the microphone and camera buttons at the bottom left of the page and make sure that they do not have a slash through them)
  2. Share your screen with the arrow button at the bottom middle of the page. 
  3. Bring up the web browser and go to (hint: It is easiest to find this if you have this browser set up in a window before you begin Zoom.)
  4. Log in to your SOR account.
  5. Go to the desired track that you want to start studying with the person and watch the video(s). 
  6. Select the desired subtitles by clicking the little spoked wheel at the bottom right of the playbar and selecting the desired language.
  7. After watching the video, go to the Study Guide page either online or the file that you have downloaded on your computer and go through the discussion questions. 

Here is a video on turning on closed captions for the Zoom meeting, which will provide captioning for speakers during the meeting.